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About Me

I am a California native and live and work in beautiful Oceanside, CA - about 35 miles north of San Diego. 


I'm lucky, it's gorgeous here and yes, I probably take it for granted.  I have two adult daughters who are starting their own careers in addition to continuing their higher education and exploring all the possibilities for their futures. 

I have a supportive and wonderful significant other who has two (grown) kiddos of his own whom I adore like they were my own.  He's the one who I rely on to ensure I play a little too, and not have work take up my entire time.  He's taught me how to better balance my work/home life. 


Balance.  That's what I hope to provide my clients, too.  Balancing your time for you to focus on other things that matter, whether it's your home life or time to focus on asset gathering, etc.  Prioritizing your time is something most people struggle with and it's hard to delegate tasks and projects.

I have two dogs who are typically found under my desk or laying directly in the path of my office chair, but I wouldn't have that any other way.  Rocky is a Boxer/Mastiff rescue and Finnegan is the clown of the family.  He is a French Bulldog and full of mischief.

Wine, cooking, camping, beach....maybe not in that order, but those are things I enjoy.  And those things combined with my family and friends, simply brilliant.

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